Is your business set to thrive after Covid?

Can you imagine leaving the coronavirus epidemic with a business that’s set to thrive?

It can be done. The key is to move your thinking from ‘During COVID’ to ‘After COVID’ – or switch from DC to AC!

I know it’s not easy. At the moment, you’ll be knees-deep in the ‘DC’ operational thinking you need to survive. You’ll be finding ways to look after your people, manage your cashflow, retain your clients and source financial support.

This is crucial. But to thrive after COVID, you need to switch to strategic thinking now – to start predict and planning for the post-pandemic world.

Right now, this may seem like a tough change to make. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. 

Your peers are waiting to help you

Business leaders from across the UK are turning to Peer2Peer Zoom boards to lend power and support to their ‘AC’ thinking.

Confidential and supporive, these virtual ‘think-and-solve forums’ are a new tool for peer support and personal development, designed specifically for these extraordinary times.

With a maximum of 8 members, they bring you together with moKvated and experienced business peers from across the UK. They give you a space to share problems and come away with fresh ideas.

Peer2Peer Zoom Board partcipants come from all industries, including those hard-hit by the pandemic. They have businesses with turnovers that range from £1m to £30m and more. But they are all motivated by one thing – to come out of the COVID-19 crisis with a business that’s in great shape and ready to thrive.

Not coaching, not networking, but real-world problem solving

Peer2Peer Zoom Boards are not about coaching or networking. While they are facilitated by experts who have worked at the sharp end of business leadership, they offer you something more valuable – dynamic, confidential and open problem solving and support from people who are working as hard as you are to survive and thrive.

As a Peer2Peer Zoom Board member, you’ll take part in two-hour virtual sessions with your peers every three weeks. They’re your chance to draw on the skills and insight of other business leaders, all using post-pandemic thinking to put each other’s businesses in pole position.

How to claim your free sessions

Peer2Peer Zoom Board sessions are completely free for the next three months. After then, you need to invest only £150 per month to remain part of these dynamic groups. Already, members have solved problems that have not only put their businesses in better shape for ‘After COVID’, but have saved them thousands of pounds. Make sure you don’t miss out. Start your move from DC to AC today and claim your free sessions. Simply email or and we’ll get in touch to show you how you can get involved.

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