DC/AC: During Covid/After Covid

BET YOU WISH the NHS had £1 for every recent LinkedIn post SPEECH OR BLOG beginning with “During these unprecedented times……”. That said – these are unprecedented times! IN FACT A LIFE BUSINESS CHANGING NIGHTMARE OR OPPORTUNITY?

For the majority of us, the last few weeks have felt as if a lightening bolt has hit our lives and businesses. Both personally and professionally we are being forced to make many decisions – some tough, some straightforward.

The period of adaptation to our new working environment and our day-to-day living DC (During Covid) can take a varied amount of time – depending on the behaviour, the circumstances and the individual. Whether our lives and behaviours change permanently as a result of habits formed DC (During Covid), is contingent on the duration of lockdown/partial lockdown, and, which habits we decide will add value to our lives AC (After Covid).

YOU ARE critical thinking specialists and you are always thinking componentry in 2 fundamental groups: Operational Thinking “get in sorted @@££!” and Strategic Thinking, “Perfect Consolidate and SCALE £££@@**”.

Continuously, or subconsciously, you’ve all been busy practising your Operational Thinking during the first 4 weeks post Covid, lightning bolt. You’ve been completely absorbed in operational matters, for example:

  • Taking care of our people, their safety and well-being, continued engagement furloughed or not.

  • Liaising with clients to support and maintain relationships. Payment terms options solutions deferments

  • Exploring how to effectively homework. Tolls Zoom Google Hangouts Microsoft teams ETC

  • Managing cash flow. Building your WAR-Chest

  • Understanding how Government support could help us through……..

Essentially, it’s all about doing everything you can to make sure you, your people and your business survive this lightening strike.

Poor businesses will; DIE…

Good businesses will Make it; BY THE SKIN OF THEIR TEETH

Great businesses will; SMASH IT OUT OF THE PARK!!

WHAT GROUP DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN, at some point, YOU need to take a deep breath and switch on Your Strategic Thinking. Ask the question:

What about After Covid?

For most of us this is THE MOST challenging but incredibly important COMPONENTS.

The starting point has to be:

What will the AC (After Covid). Business Arena that we compete in look like? No one has a crystal ball or a time machine; we have a simple framework we can deploy to disperse the fog and give greater clarity. By deploying the Future Business Arena framework, you will be able to get a clearer perspective on:

What is likely to change in the 6 uncontrollable but very impactful Macro areas?

1. Economic

2. Regulatory

3. Resources

4. Social

5. Market Trends

6. Customer Habits


What is likely to change or remain the same in the 7 controllable Micro areas?

1. Technology

2. Operations & Process

3. Products & Services

4. Distribution

5. Competition

6. Sales & Marketing

7. Security

The quality of thinking is directly linked to the quality of the questions you’re asking yourself and your team. Make sure you’re asking the right questions in order to get quality responses.

Over the last few weeks DPI and Peer2Peer have worked very closely with OVER 100 BUSINEESS LEADERS & CEO’S to build a clearer view of the Macro AC (After Covid) world.

This Macro picture is one that we will all be dealing with. It’s not finished, it will continually evolve, but yours & our clarity will evolve alongside it. We’ve formulated over 50 questions that you and your team will need to ask to demystify the unique Micro AC (After Covid) environment for your business. If you want to receive a copy of these 50 questions please email me directly johnacton@dpi-europe.com or simon.hc@peer2peerboards.com

If you’re interested in hearing more or would like to be involved in our Future Business Arena framework webinar, please contact us

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