The Rewards

  • Become an integral, influential part of a thriving business community
  • Meet extraordinary people and mentor them to further growth
  • Gain access to a proven framework and methodology with 30+ workbooks
  • Facilitate the power of collective knowledge and experience that can solve any business or personal challenge
  • Help others to become more confident, innovative and efficient in both their professional and personal life

Find your nearest Board

P2P brings local business leaders together to share knowledge, find innovative solutions and challenge each other in a constructive way. Use the dropdown box to find your nearest Board.

Becoming a Chair

As a potential Chair, you will already be accomplished in the commercial world and it is likely that throughout your career you have created, built or been responsible for several successful business ventures.

You are now looking for a fresh or additional business interest that will enable you to join an expanding business community and apply your skills and commercial experience to guide and influence business leaders. 

As part of your successful journey in business, you will have developed a set of values and character attributes including integrity, honesty and confidentiality that will stand you in good stead for a Chair’s role with us. Coupled with this, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for helping others thrive.

Ultimately, the business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors that are our Members will become part of your business community and network, which we at Peer2Peer believe becomes your net worth. A valuable resource for you to utilise.

One of the main responsibilities of a Peer2Peer Chair is to provide guidance, inspiration and focus to Board group meetings. Each Board is made up of no more than 20 Members that you have recruited to ensure a diverse yet complementary mix of individuals.

Held at some of the most prestigious locations across the UK, Boards are a powerful platform to pool the collective knowledge and experience of you and your Members on specific issues in order to find innovative and valuable insights and solutions.

While the primary purpose of Board meetings is to help Members grow their business, it’s also about them learning to grow as a person. You will play a big part in instilling confidence and fresh perspectives to your Members and watching them flourish is one of the most rewarding experiences of belonging to Peer2Peer.

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Impact the lives of business leaders

  • Use your experiences to guide others to success
  • Encourage passionate discussions to find innovative solutions
  • Give Members the power of self-belief
  • Chair meetings to help Members find clarity, focus and purpose

Fulfil your own potential

  • Use our platform to expand your own skills and experience 
  • Expand your network with ambitious business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors
  • Contribute to the UK’s thriving small to medium business environment
  • Build your own powerful relationships with other Peer2Peer Chairs 
  • Create a primary or secondary income stream with Peer2Peer


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