About Peer2Peer

  • We embrace business growth and personal development to enable Members to become the very best version of themselves
  • Boards are monthly, with 12-20 non-competing local business leaders coming together to learn, share and challenge where appropriate
  • Our Chairs are hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and ability to lead, inspire and motivate
  • Our programme of 30+ workbooks has been carefully designed to help Members succeed

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P2P brings local business leaders together to share knowledge, find innovative solutions and challenge each other in a constructive way. Use the dropdown box to find your nearest Board.

Our Vision for Peer2Peer

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, is often quoted for saying “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” We believe you should choose wisely.

Peer2Peer Boards were started in 2017 by Simon Hawtrey-Coombs, Christopher Bayliss, Tim Bentall, Stuart Osborne and John Acton; all business leaders in their own right, with varying degrees of success and failure under their belts. They have a shared vision for learning from each other and creating an unrivalled community of business leaders where embracing business growth and personal development is top of the agenda.

There is so much power in the sharing of experiences and knowledge. At Peer2Peer, we learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, which helps to accelerate our individual journeys on the path to success.

Our mission over the next 10 years is to create a business community of eight thousand business leaders that are all committed to delivering the best service to their customers and developing their own formidable teams along the way.

The leadership team of Peer2Peer believe passionately that in order to be a great business leader, you have to be committed to becoming the very best version of yourself. Therefore, the programme the leadership team have developed aligns personal development with strategies for business growth and scale.

Each of our Boards is led by a carefully chosen Chairperson, a highly successful business leader with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill. One of the main responsibilities of a Peer2Peer Chair is to provide support, inspiration and focus to Board meetings, as well as sharing invaluable advice gained throughout their own impressive career.

Our Structure

Boards have between 10-15 members, we have over 90 workbooks carefully designed to help boost our members' capabilities. Members receive a Contribution Compass profile to enable them to truly understand FQ - Flow Intelligence. The Boards are hosted at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues and are designed to provide a strictly confidential platform where Members can discuss ideas, share problems and challenge each other’s way of thinking. Each meeting lasts half a day, typically from morning coffee to lunchtime, and is broadly divided into three 50-minute sessions:

  • Round the Table: Welcome, introductions and monthly reviews
  • Up-skill Workshop: Proven workbooks to help accelerate business growth
  • Hot Topic: Resolve a Member's issue/assess an opportunity
  • Many Members stay on after the session to continue their experience with other Members

Each Member and Chair plays a huge part in instilling confidence and fresh perspectives in each other and watching fellow Peer2Peer colleagues prosper is one of the most rewarding experiences of belonging to our community. 

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